Over the years, the efficiency of Geniex has proved its worth. Here is a brief description of our approach:


Preparing a project is the crucial step in ensuring that the cost and timeline objectives are met. Geniex is the key player in this decisive part of the project. The team establishes and ensures that everyone knows the objectives to be achieved. As we are responsible for the realization of the work, we coordinate the role of all the stakeholders and evaluate, in real time, the impact of the decisions taken during the pre-project phase.

Whether for initial development, feasibility studies or design management, our experts are able to facilitate your efforts and bring added value to the project. Our role is to establish realistic budgets for the construction of the project before its design is completed. For this, good risk management is necessary. This is ensured by a joint effort between the engineering and the construction teams, to offer a viable project that respects the objectives of quality and profitability of the customer.


Construction is at the center of our activities. Geniex is able to execute various projects, such as multi-family dwellings, signature residences, shopping centers, industrial and institutional buildings.

Geniex uses proven project management procedures, techniques and forms. The systems in place control the budget and schedule at all times.

Geniex has expertise in building transformation and conversion. Supported by an engineering department made up of engineers and technologists, it represents a more than significant advantage when carrying out complex projects.

Our engineering expertise allows us to implement highly technical projects that have specific construction requirements. We have delivered projects for all types of contract templates. Our team of construction experts is at the cutting edge of the latest technologies and uses the best software to design your projects. At Geniex, nothing is out of reach and we are always ready for a challenge.

Geniex considers a project completed at the end of the guarantee periods. The full satisfaction of each of our customers is a priority.



The main design-build services provided are:

  • Assessment of client needs and objectives;
  • Selection of the team of professionals;
  • Optimization of the general project concept including value engineering;
  • Coordination of the multidisciplinary design team;
  • Preparation of pre-construction and construction schedule;
  • Supervision of licensing;
  • Preparation of submission documents;
  • Preparation and approval of contracts;
  • Acting as general contractor and manager of the construction project;
  • Commissioning

The design-build is a method that allows all of the project stakeholders to form a single efficient and well-organized multidisciplinary entity. The team ensures the design and the construction of the project with the broad objective of meeting the needs of the client, according to the established budget, the quality and the functionalities sought, as well as respecting the schedule/ deadlines.

Construction project management

Geniex becomes a partner in the realization of your projects and stands out through the use of proven management tools to:

  • Control costs;
  • Control and update the timetable via the critical path;
  • Optimization of the general project concept including value engineering;
  • Manage the approval of workshop drawings;
  • Manage requests for technical information and notifications of changes;
  • Supervise the work;
  • Prepare monthly reports describing the financial and budgetary status of the project.


General construction

Geniex offers traditional general construction services in the form of a lump-sum contract. We act as a general contractor and manage the construction project until its commissioning.

Construction of real estate development projects

Geniex has developed extensive expertise in the real estate market both as a co-developer and a project manager for the construction of divided and undivided condominiums (divided co-ownership). We understand the market as well as the challenges that real estate developers are facing. We are therefore in a position to anticipate their needs, their mode of operation, their financial stakes and to meet the profitability target. Our design-build services allow us to support the developer at the beginning of the project in order to optimize the potential of a site, establish financial objectives and conceptualize the project in order to satisfy all parties involved. We can also assist you in obtaining your building permits and harmonize the concept so as to meet the criteria of the various municipalities. We also know how crucial the delivery phase of the units is, and we are experts in covering it. Consequently, Geniex becomes a partner in the realization of real estate development projects.