Since inception, Geniex has developed expertise in structural design, whether in wood, steel, concrete or hybrids. We deal with new construction as well as with major renovation projects.

We commit ourselves to completing our projects by offering an increased level of quality while respecting the objectives of our customers. Our mission is to diligently offer a service that stands out through the use of realistic, innovative and economical solutions.

The success of the department is based on the competence, rigor and professionalism shown by each of its members. We coordinate more closely with the architect who ensures the accuracy of drawings, designs and specifications. For each of these projects, a team of qualified engineers, technologists and designers ensures the quality of the work and the follow-up of the deadlines. As a result, we have the capacity to respond to the workload of small to large-scale projects.

Aware that the construction industry is greatly influenced by sustainable development, we are constantly on the lookout for the specific requirements for the design of these buildings.


Our structural design services include the preparation of feasibility studies, plans, technical specifications and expertise. Geniex can also act as a project manager through the approval of shop drawings, regular site monitoring and issuance of directives.

Structure design

Versatility is one of our main attributes and we have achievements in residential, commercial and institutional sectors. Geniex has over 1000 major renovation and construction projects.

Contemporary and modern houses

Geniex is a specialist in the realization of contemporary housing projects. We are very proud to collaborate with popular and experienced architectural firms that have won design and architecture awards on several occasions. Coordination and attention to detail are therefore key elements of a structure in symbiosis with architecture and which respects the set budgets. Architectural constraints appeal to our creative sense to design intelligent, original and economical frames.

Thanks to our extensive experience, we can effectively accompany the architect and support them in their efforts.

Renovation projects appeal to our strong knowledge of Montreal’s architectural heritage, and our team carries out the necessary analysis and on-site surveys to fully understand the existing structure. Municipal standards often require maximum preservation of the pre-existing conditions, which requires a design that minimizes interventions on the existing elements.


Special projects

Over the years, we have acquired a versatile experience that allows us to find the most suitable solution for all your special projects.

Our team is qualified for the design of works in:


  • Repairs of concrete structures such as structural slabs for garages and balconies;
  • Deep foundations on concrete piles or driven piles by static pressure;
  • Underpinning foundations;
  • Projected (pulverized) concrete.


  • Kiosks;
  • Stages;
  • Art work supports.
Multi-storey buildings (Condominiums)

Geniex has successfully designed multi-storey wood frame structures up to six storeys, and is a partner of the Center of Expertise on Commercial Wood Construction (Cecobois). We also deal with lightweight steel buildings up to seven floors, and reinforced concrete constructions.

This type of project must meet rigorous seismic standards for which we have developed appropriate tools and calculation methods.

Today, prefabrication is a method that standardizes multi-level construction to offer an economic product by reducing the time for both labour and execution. Geniex coordinates with manufacturers ahead of the design to ensure a full understanding of the technical issues, and to adapt our calculation methods. This coordination continues with the approval of the shop drawings and a continuous exchange with the builders.

For new or rehabilitation standard constructions, our concepts take into account the mechanical and the soundproofing of the building in order to propose a structural framework and adapted details. The search for solutions is done in conjunction with the architect to offer economic structures.

Geniex can also act as a project manager through the approval of shop drawings, regular site monitoring and issuance of guidelines.

Commercial and Institutional Buildings

Geniex works both in new construction and in the rehabilitation of commercial and institutional buildings.

Steel is often the most suitable material for this type of project, due to the large spans to be reached. For a new construction, prefabricated joists will be found on floors and roofs supported by a braced post-beam structure.

Concrete is a product that allows great architectural freedom. It is resistant and flexes little. It is the best material for foundations, slabs and civil engineering works.

However, wood is increasingly featured in commercial buildings. Current technical advances make it possible to offer very resistant materials while augmenting the visual quality of the project.

Our concepts use the materials most suited to both the client’s budget and the architectural wishes.


We are construction engineers and consider the pre-project phase as the crucial phase in achieving cost and schedule objectives. Geniex is actively involved in this phase to ensure a design adapted to the challenges of the construction.

Design-build is the method that ensures direct communication between all the stakeholders. Professionals are then part of an integrated design team with the same goal of achieving cost and schedule objectives.

Construction methods are developed from the design stage for a customized approach making Geniex a powerful ally in the realization of all types of construction projects.